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Zoning in Cherry Hill Making it Difficult for Super Wawa Development

Gas Stations Cherry Hill Zoning

A Super Wawa or similar project that combines gasoline stations with food preparation stores probably will never be built in Cherry Hill again, according to a new ordinance that late last year amended the Township’s zoning code. Even building a new gasoline station could be a stretch in the Township because of the new zoning… Read more »

Barclay Pavilion Office Building is Being Demolished

Wawa Cherry Hill coming to Barclay Pavilion

Construction excavators were taking deep bites into the roof of the Barclay Pavilion office building on Route 70 in Cherry Hill on Thursday, wiping away a 52-year-old structure that had been part of the suburban expansion of the time. The 45,374-square-foot pavilion, vacant for some time, in the Barclay Farm Shopping Center is part of… Read more »

How a New Super Wawa Likely Will Erase a Bit of Cherry Hill History

When Cherry Hill’s one-screen, 600-seat Community Theatre opened in a corner of the Barclay Farms Shopping Center in June 1963, moviegoers viewed “The Wrong Arm of the Law,” starring Peter Sellers. That was 58 years ago, when John F. Kennedy was president and the town was booming with homebuilding. The name “Cherry Hill” was just 2 years… Read more »